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Obsydian specialises in the processing of semi-precious stones to create refined architectural features. Included in furnishing and design projects, they bring to life a perfect combination with other elements and materials, enhancing their overall value.


The Obsydian brand is synonymous with excellence: all raw materials are sourced from the purest and rarest pieces of stone in the world, and selected according to strict protocols guaranteeing absolute quality.

The originality of the Obsydian stones is enhanced by the hand-crafted workmanship with which the raw material is transformed into an architectural feature: every detail is crafted with the utmost care by the expert hands of the Obsydian craftsmen. In fact, only the most experienced craftsmencan guarantee the realization of the final product according to the high quality standards required by the brand: the processing techniques of the original stone are handed down from generation to generation like a secret recipe, made daily with passion and dedication.

The inclusion of an Obsydian detail in an architectural or design project enhances the whole setting through the stones’ exclusive, natural characteristics: iridescence, luminosity or – in the case of labradorite – the iridescent effect, which transmits sparkles and flashes of different colours to the human eye. Blue, violet, green, yellow and orange interchange in the beholder’s eye, fluctuating with each change of position.

The special characteristics of the semi-precious stones make Obsydian architectural features living elements which blend harmoniously into any context, whether modern or classic. This enhances the unique value of each individual piece each stone has its own history and its own light.

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