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Decorcasa, the made-to-measure store

A space which unites the Senses with the Material

A natural meeting point between the sensory and the material, parallel universes which are destined to cross paths in everyone’s daily life.

Fragrances, colours and sensations continually pervade our emotional sphere, often unconsciously conditioning our mood and state of mind.

Worlds which surround us and which, today, can interact in a pleasant and stimulating way; Decorcasa offers a variety of solutions and ideas which facilitate this intermingling even more in its brick and mortar showroom in Arezzo and in its borderless, virtual e-commerce.

The space

Over 150 sqmof elegant 1970s-style display by Restart Milano, where the senses mingle with the material, making the environment rich in evocative ideas and emotions.

Here there is an unusual and contemporary way to live the shopping experience, browsing the products immersed in the aromas of natural fragrances released by diffusers, candles and scented flowers, moving amongst furnishings and accessories in a space with a familiar and relaxing flavour.Sitting on comfortable, upholstered furniture handcrafted and decorated with fine made in Italy fabrics while your sense of smell explores the essence that will make each room unique and personal.

Sedersi su comodi imbottiti artigianali decorati con pregiati tessuti made in Italy mentre l’olfatto esplora l’essenza che renderà ogni ambiente unico e personale.

The idea

The idea of a space that unites the Senses with the Material was born from theintuition of the owner Claudio Riceputi, who has always been involved in the furnishing sector and who is passionate about the magical world of fragrances: “Characterising an environment, whether public or private, with furnishings and accessories allows us to give it anexclusive identity that reflects the personality of those who live there every day. Doing so by combining the material aspect of objects with the sensory aspect of fragrances represents a natural and essential point of emotional synthesis. Helping our customers along this path by using the products of leading companies is a privilege and an honour for us”.

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The products

Our brands

The brands are carefully and scrupulously selected,prioritising the quality of the products, the reliability of the companies and the historical nature of their market niche.

The articles in the catalogue are flanked by the handicrafts of small businesses whose tradition derives from decades of activity handed down through generations. Thus, alongsideroom fragrances, candles and scented flowers, essential oils and natural incense, there are made-to-measure upholstered items, furnishing fabrics, parquet in new wood, recycled wood and from French barrique barrels, wallpaper and furninishing accessories in marble and semi-precious stones.

A perfectly blended and transversal mix of products which can personalise any environment.

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Our Mission

The world offurnishing today is led by design and this often leads to veritable forms of contemporary art; it is the recovery of objects, it is tradition and innovation, it is creativity and imagination that see ideas and passions come to life thanks to the talents of craftsmen, skilled hands and experts in the field.

Decorcasa – thanks to the expertise and knowledge gained by Claudio Riceputi in over ten years of activity, national and international trade fairs, collaborations with interior designers and architects, is now able to combine all these skills and specializations to offer a service to support any project or request.

Seriousness and professionalism are the hallmarks of any project.