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Dr. Vrajnes

Rosso Nobile

Rosso nobile recreates the intense aroma of fine tuscan wines

Born almost by chance, for a bet, Rosso Nobile today is the emblematic aroma of the historic Florentine company Dr Vranjes Firenze, leader in the production of ambient fragrances for over twenty years.

Rosso Nobile is a sublime match between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of violet and magnolia, and birch wood recalling the effect of the wine’s tannins. Created with the intent to enclose within an ambient fragrance the sensations and emotions that only a great Tuscan wine can give, the Florentine maison has managed to create a unique and unparalleled aroma which has become a go-to reference point for this magical world.

Florence has always played a fundamental role in Maestro Paolo Vranjes’ creative and productive process and here, too, it has proved itself to be an excellent source of inspiration. It is the Italian city with the longest tradition in working with scents and natural essences, and it is the city which inspired the iconic Brunelleschi dome bottle which makes this prestigious brand immediately recognizable.

How to make the best use of your dr vranjes firenze fragrances

When opening the bottle insert all the sticks, thus limiting as much as possible the spontaneous evaporation of the liquid. The intensity of the fragrance is determined by the number of sticks and how often they are turned. To get the most out of your perfumer you should turn all the sticks at least once a day.

How long the liquid inside the bottle lasts depends on the size of the room or living space where it is located, the temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that affect evaporation. There are ways to help the fragrance last longer:

  • when purchasing the diffuser, combine a refill of the same fragrance to be used in small quantities to replenish the bottle. In this way the level of the fragrance is kept constant and the presence of oxygen inside the container is limited, thus reducing the speed of evaporation.
  • keep the fragrance away from direct heat sources and always choose the most suitable bottle size for the area to be perfumed.

The perfect gift

Gift box sets

Thanks to the esteem and loyalty of our customers, Dr Vranjes Firenze has recognised Rosso Nobile as being a special product and has dedicated a wide range of gift box sets to this Collectors’ fragrance: the iconic bottles are combined with refills, sprays and decorative candles. And the offer could not fail to include the Decanter box, a refined box set where the characteristic wine container, personalized with the company logo, is combined with a 750 ml refill in Bordeaux bottle format and original vine shoots. A set that makes the most of the characteristics of this fragrance which recalls the scent of great Tuscan wines and becomes an elegant and exclusive feature of your interior decor.

cofanetto rosso nobile

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