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The Baobab Collection candles and diffusers are distinguished by their imposing size and original design, inspired by the baobab trees that dominate the African savannah. And so they become eye-catching objects able to combine your olfactory and aesthetic experiences.

The Baobab Collection was conceived in 2002 in the enchanted landscapes of Tanzania, a country full of intense colours and seductive scents. The  African continent is the inspiration for the creations designed and produced in Belgium, a stronghold of chic and minimalist furnishings.


The Baobab Collection offers a wide range of diffusers and candles in hand-blown glass or in metal covered with precious leather.

The brand can boast a high level of expertise and the recognition of great European craftsmanship. The raw materials are selected with the utmost care: the mineral wax comes from Germany, the glass from Poland and the leather from Italy, while the fragrances are skilfully made in Grasse, France.

The candles created for the Baobab Collection are an invitation to a sensory journey where the aesthetics of the physical item are combined with heavenly scents. All the materials are carefully selected and entrusted to the work of the best European craftsmen: the candles are hand-poured, making each piece quite unique.

Among the five formats, the majestic Maxi Max can form the centrepiece of your interior décor, capable of illuminating and scenting your home for almost a thousand hours.

The brand’s African heritage is expressed mainly through the “All Seasons” collection, consisting of six colours and exclusive fragrances. The “Pearls” collection reflects the beauty of these precious gems that have been cultivated for half a century in the Pacific. The other refined and prestigious collections propose a journey taking you from the Pyramids of Egypt to the frontiers of China via the steppes of Russia.

Continuously in step with fashion trends, each year the team of designers creates two limited edition collections which never fail to amaze with the unexepected.